Text 15 Apr Wacky Weather & Whatnot

Wacky Weather & Whatnot

Test Pattern

Traveled home from Boston today, almost lost my glasses, got a nasty whack to the head, and apparently it’s snowing in places.

You know, I leave my apartment for six days and this sort of thing happens…

Anyway, back to normal tomorrow.

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Text 14 Apr Many Lines on One Line

Many Lines on One Line

This is not a post about managing lines at PAX East. It’s actually a reference to this week’s Flash Fiction challenge over on Terribleminds. Chuck has once again admonished us to write a killer opening line, which is a fantastic exercise, but not really something I can build an entire post around.

Normally I would fire up the Brainstormer to fuel a Flash Fiction post, but I’m writing this on…

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Photo 11 Apr 1 note It’s PAX. Don’t you wish you were here? #PAXEast

It’s PAX. Don’t you wish you were here? #PAXEast

Text 11 Apr 500 Words on Conventions & Community

500 Words on Conventions & Community

500 Words on Conventions & Community

Conventions and exhibitions almost feel like another world. Within the walls of the buildings and skyways, tens of thousands of like minds gather. It is wonderful and terrifying and energizing and exhausting, all at the same time.

A lot of communities come together, especially if individuals within said communities often feel that they’re alone. Seeing so many…

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Text 10 Apr From the Vault: The Video Game Singularity

From the Vault: The Video Game Singularity

I’m on my way to Boston for PAX East this morning. While I make my way through several states on what are certain to be lovely roads, have a look at my thoughts on the lines between video game developers and video game players, and what might happen if they get blurred.

X-Box Kitten

I feel we are rapidly approaching what I’ve chosen to dub “the Video Game Singularity”. It’s the point at which the lines…

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